Kentucky Local History Thesaurus

  1. M. Goldberg and Sons (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  2. M. Kaufman House (Burlington, Ky.)
  3. M.E. Pruitt Furniture and Undertaking (Millersburg, Ky.)
  4. Mac's Pizza Pub (Restaurant : Covington, Ky.)
  5. Macedonia Baptist Church (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  6. Macedonia Baptist Church (Jonesville, Ky.)
  7. Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery (Jonesville, Ky.)
  8. Macedonia Christian Church (Wise's Landing, Ky.)
  9. Macedonia Church Cemetery (Wise's Landing, Ky.)
  10. MacKenzie House (Boone County, Ky.)
  11. Mackville (Ky.) USE McVille (Ky.)
  12. Madden family
  13. Maddensville (Ky.) USE Florence (Ky.)
  14. Maddin House (Boone County, Ky.)
  15. Maddox Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  16. Maddox family
  17. Maddox Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  18. Maddox House (Devon, Ky.)
  19. Madin Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  20. Madison (Ind.)
  21. Madison Avenue Christian Church (Covington, Ky.)
  22. Madison Street Burying Ground (Newport, Ky.)
  23. Madison Theater (Covington, Ky.)
  24. Mager family
  25. Magill-Holtzclaw Cemetery (Clintonville, Ky.)
  26. Magnolia Inn (Sparta, Ky.)
  27. Magowan-Strode Cemetery (Fleming County, Ky.)
  28. Mahoney Cemetery (Bedford, Ky.)
  29. Mahoney House (Ghent, Ky.)
  30. Mail Pouch Barn (South Fork, Boone County, Ky.)
  31. Main family
  32. Main Street Baptist Church (Florence, Ky.)
  33. Main Street Fire Station (Florence, Ky.)
  34. Maines family
  35. Mainstrasse Neighborhood (Covington, Ky.)
  36. Maki Mono (Restaurant : Covington, Ky.)
  37. Malady family
  38. Malapelli family
  39. Mallard Point (Ky.)
  40. Mallard Point Baptist Church (Georgetown, Ky.)
  41. Mama's on Main (Restaurant : Covington, Ky.)
  42. Mancino's Pizza and Grinders (Georgetown, Ky.)
  43. Mann Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  44. Mann Cemetery (Piner, Ky.)
  45. Mann Elementary School (Union, Ky.) USE Shirley Mann Elementary School (Union, Ky.)
  46. Mann-Roshe Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.) USE Menefee Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  47. Mannin family
  48. Mansfield family
  49. Mansion Hill (Newport, Ky.)
  50. Maple Grove Cemetery (Georgetown, Ky.)
  51. Maple Grove Cemetery (Germantown, Ky.)
  52. Maple Grove Cemetery (Long Ridge, Ky.)
  53. Maple Grove School (Nicholas County, Ky.)
  54. Maple Valley (Campbell County, Ky.)
  55. Maplewood (House : Millersburg, Ky.)
  56. Maplewood Cemetery (Springdale, Ky.)
  57. Maplewood Farm (Richwood, Ky.)
  58. Maplewood School (Connersville, Ind.)
  59. March family
  60. Marcus (Ky.)
  61. Margaret Aylor Cemetery (Florence, Ky.)
  62. Margrave family
  63. Marianne Theater (Bellevue, Ky.)
  64. Marie Conner Dairy Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  65. Marietta Graves House (Boone County, Ky.)
  66. Marion (Ky.) USE Oxford (Ky.)
  67. Marion Grubbs House (Boone County, Ky.)
  68. Mark and Marian Setter House (Devon, Ky.)
  69. Mark family
  70. Market Basket (Supermarket : Carrollton, Ky.)
  71. Markland family
  72. Marksberry Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  73. Marksbery family
  74. Markwell Cemetery (Grange City, Ky.)
  75. Marmet Coal Company (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  76. Marmet family
  77. Marquis family
  78. Mars Hill Academy (Lexington, Ky.)
  79. Marsh Cemetery (Milford, Ky.)
  80. Marsh Cemetery (Paris, Ky.)
  81. Marsh family
  82. Marsh-Eggleston House (Boone County, Ky.)
  83. Marshall Cemetery (Mason County, Ky.)
  84. Marshall family
  85. Marshall Hotel (Corinth, Ky.)
  86. Marshall Park (Georgetown, Ky.)
  87. Marshall School (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  88. Marshall-Bradford Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  89. Marshall-Eastbend Cemetery (East Bend, Ky.)
  90. Marshall-Gunpowder Road Cemetery (Florence, Ky.)
  91. Marshall-Kelly Cemetery (Porter, Ky.)
  92. Marshall-Massie Family Cemetery (Porter, Ky.)
  93. Martin Cemetery #1 (Henry County, Ky.)
  94. Martin Cemetery #2 (Henry County, Ky.)
  95. Martin Cemetery (Dry Ridge, Ky.)
  96. Martin Cemetery (Fleming County, Ky.)
  97. Martin family
  98. Martin Family Cemetery (Taylor Mill, Ky.)
  99. Martin's Nursery (Carrollton, Ky.)
  100. Martinaire Crash, Ky., 2003
  101. Martinie Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  102. Martz Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  103. Martz family
  104. Martz House (Camp Springs, Ky.) USE Baumann House (Camp Springs, Ky.)
  105. Mary A. Goetz Elementary School (Ludlow, Ky.)
  106. Mary and Robert Jack Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  107. Mary E. Smith Memorial Cemetery (Elsmere, Ky.)
  108. Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School (Lexington, Ky.)
  109. Mary Todd Elementary School (Lexington, Ky.)
  110. Mary, Queen of Heaven Church (Boone County, Ky.)
  111. Marydale (Ky.)
  112. Marydale Cemetery (Marydale, Ky.)
  113. Mashuda family
  114. Mason (Ky.)
  115. Mason Baptist Church Cemetery (Mason, Ky.)
  116. Mason Brown House (Gratz, Ky.)
  117. Mason County Courthouse (Maysville, Ky.)
  118. Mason County High School (Maysville, Ky.)
  119. Mason County Intermediate School (Maysville, Ky.)
  120. Mason County Middle School (Maysville, Ky.)
  121. Mason County Public Library (Ky.)
  122. Mason Elementary School (Mason, Ky.)
  123. Mason family
  124. Mason High School (Mason, Ky.)
  125. Mason-Corinth Elementary School (Williamstown, Ky.)
  126. Masonic Cemetery (Stamping Ground, Ky.)
  127. Masonic Cemetery (Wheatley, Ky.)
  128. Masonic Grand Order
  129. Masonic lodge USE Masonic Grand Order
  130. Massie family
  131. Massie Family Cemetery (Porter, Ky.)
  132. Massie Memorial Hospital (Paris, Ky.)
  133. Massies Chapel (Ky.)
  134. Masters 2 Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  135. Masters Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  136. Masters family
  137. Masterson Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  138. Masterson Cemetery (Dover, Ky.)
  139. Masterson-Pattie Cemetery (Sherman, Ky.)
  140. Matheny family
  141. Mathers-Gaunce Funeral Home (Carlisle, Ky.)
  142. Mathers-Shearer Funeral Home (Carlisle, Ky.) USE Mathers-Gaunce Funeral Home (Carlisle, Ky.)
  143. Mathis family
  144. Matson Cemetery (Bourbon County, Ky.)
  145. Matson family
  146. Matthews family
  147. Mattoxtown (Ky.)
  148. Maurer family
  149. Mauzey Cemetery (Fleming County, Ky.)
  150. Maxfield family
  151. Maxwell family
  152. Maxwell House (Ludlow, Ky.)
  153. Maxwell Spanish Immersion Elementary School (Lexington, Ky.)
  154. May Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  155. May Family Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  156. Mayhugh family
  157. Mayhugh-Hartman House (Walton, Ky.)
  158. Maynard family
  159. Mays Lick (Ky.)
  160. Mays Lick Cemetery (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  161. Mays Lick Christian Church (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  162. Mays Lick Consolidated School (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  163. Mays Lick Elementary School (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  164. Mays Lick Negro School (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  165. Mays Lick Rosenwald School (Mays Lick, Ky.) USE Mays Lick Negro School (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  166. Maysville (Ky.)
  167. Maysville Academy (Maysville, Ky.)
  168. Maysville Boys Band (Maysville, Ky.)
  169. Maysville bulletin (Maysville, Ky. : 1866)
  170. Maysville Cemetery (Maysville, Ky.)
  171. Maysville Colored High School (Maysville, Ky.)
  172. Maysville Community College (Maysville, Ky.)
  173. Maysville eagle (Maysville, Ky. : 1835)
  174. Maysville express (Maysville, Ky. : 1858)
  175. Maysville First Baptist Church (Maysville, Ky.)
  176. Maysville High School (Maysville, Ky.)
  177. Maysville Infirmary Cemetery (Maysville, Ky.)
  178. Maysville Jockey Club (Maysville, Ky.)
  179. Maysville Laundry (Maysville, Ky.)
  180. Maysville Motel (Maysville, Ky.)
  181. Maysville republican (Maysville, Ky. : 1867)
  182. Maysville Savings Institute (Maysville, Ky.)
  183. Maysville Water Company (Maysville, Ky.)
  184. Maysville Woman's Club (Maysville, Ky.)
  185. Maysville-Mason County Recreation Park (Maysville, Ky.)
  186. McAllister family
  187. McAlphin family
  188. McBee Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  189. McBee family
  190. McBrides Run (Nicholas County, Ky. : River)
  191. McCabe Mound (Boone County, Ky.)
  192. McCall-Cox Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  193. McCandless family
  194. McCann House (Ghent, Ky.)
  195. McCartney Hotel (Maysville, Ky.)
  196. McCarty Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  197. McCay House (Owenton, Ky.)
  198. McClain family
  199. McClanahan family
  200. McClure Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  201. McClure family
  202. McCollum Cemetery (Independence, Ky.)
  203. McColough family
  204. McConathy Cemetery (Gallatin County, Ky.)
  205. McConnell family
  206. McConnell Run (Scott County, Ky. : River)
  207. McConnell Springs Park (Lexington, Ky.)
  208. McConnell-Ardery Cemetery (Paris, Ky.)
  209. McCord Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  210. McCorkle family
  211. McCorkle School for Boys (Henry County, Ky.)
  212. McCormick Barn (Boone County, Ky.)
  213. McCormick Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  214. McCormick House (Boone County, Ky.)
  215. McCowen family
  216. McCoy family
  217. McCracken Creek (Scott County, Ky. : River)
  218. McCracken-Singleton Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  219. McCreery family
  220. McCubbin family
  221. McDaniel family
  222. McDarment Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  223. McDonald family
  224. McDowell Cemetery (Bridgeville, Ky.)
  225. McDowells Run (Bourbon County, Ky. : River)
  226. McElroy family
  227. McElwain Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  228. McEvoy family
  229. McFarland family
  230. McFee family
  231. McFee-Riddell Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  232. McGavin family
  233. McGee Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  234. McGibney Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  235. McGinnis family
  236. McGlasson family
  237. McGlasson Farm Cemetery (North Bend, Ky.)
  238. McGlasson House (Boone County, Ky.)
  239. McGlasson's Farm Market (Boone County, Ky.)
  240. McGowan Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  241. McGowan family
  242. McGuffin family
  243. McGuiness Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  244. McGuire family
  245. McHatton-Huey House (Boone County, Ky.)
  246. McHendrix House (Florence, Ky.)
  247. McHenry family
  248. McIntire Cemetery (Trimble County, Ky.)
  249. McIntosh family
  250. McIntyre family