Kentucky Local History Thesaurus

  1. W. Clore House (Boone County, Ky.)
  2. W. Garrison House (Boone County, Ky.)
  3. W. Rouse House (Boone County, Ky.)
  4. W. Whitaker House (Boone County, Ky.)
  5. W.A. Hicks House (Richwood, Ky.) USE Harvey A. Hicks House (Richwood, Ky.)
  6. W.A. Roberts' Grocery (Ghent, Ky.)
  7. W.B. Adams House (Boone County, Ky.)
  8. W.F. and Florence McKim House (Burlington, Ky.) USE McKim-Crisler House (Burlington, Ky.)
  9. W.H. Riley Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  10. W.L. Norman House (Walton, Ky.)
  11. W.T. Delph House (Boone County, Ky.)
  12. W.W. Logan House (Bedford, Ky.)
  13. W.W. Smith House (Petersburg, Ky.)
  14. W.W. Tanner House (Boone County, Ky.)
  15. Wa-Na Woman's Club (Walton, Ky.)
  16. Wach's Restaurant (Florence, Ky.)
  17. Waggoner family
  18. Wagner family
  19. Wagon Wheel Inn (Restaurant : Bedford, Ky.)
  20. Wagoner's Chapel Cemetery (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  21. Wahle family
  22. Wainscott family
  23. Waite family
  24. Wake family
  25. Wald Park (Maysville, Ky.)
  26. Walford family
  27. Walker Cemetery #1 (Henry County, Ky.)
  28. Walker Cemetery #2 (Henry County, Ky.)
  29. Walker family
  30. Wallace and Mary Scott Grubbs House (Walton, Ky.)
  31. Wallace Cemetery (Lockport, Ky.)
  32. Wallace Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  33. Wallace family
  34. Wallace Grubbs House (Walton, Ky.) USE Wallace and Mary Scott Grubbs House (Walton, Ky.)
  35. Wallace House (Walton, Ky.) USE Bruce and Llewellyn Wallace House (Walton, Ky.)
  36. Wallace Woods Neighborhood (Covington, Ky.)
  37. Wallace's Restaurant (Maysville, Ky.)
  38. Waller Cemetery (Bedford, Ky.)
  39. Waller Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  40. Waller family
  41. Waller-Stephenson Mill Park (Boone County, Ky.)
  42. Wallingford (Ky.)
  43. Wallingford Cemetery (Wallingford, Ky.)
  44. Wallingford School (Wallingford, Ky.)
  45. Wallingford United Methodist Church (Flemingsburg, Ky.)
  46. Walls family
  47. Walnut Hills Academy (Cold Spring, Ky.)
  48. Walnut Valley School (Gallatin County, Ky.)
  49. Walsh Ridenour House (Walton, Ky.)
  50. Walston family
  51. Walter family
  52. Walters family
  53. Walton (Ky.)
  54. Walton advertiser (Walton, Ky. : 1915)
  55. Walton Baptist Church (Walton, Ky.)
  56. Walton Cemetery (Walton, Ky.)
  57. Walton Christian Church (Walton, Ky.)
  58. Walton Community Park (Walton, Ky.)
  59. Walton Equitable Bank (Walton, Ky.)
  60. Walton Equitable Bank Building (Walton, Ky.)
  61. Walton family
  62. Walton Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  63. Walton Graded School Building (Walton, Ky.)
  64. Walton Grange No. 610 (Walton, Ky.)
  65. Walton House (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)
  66. Walton Laundromat Building (Walton, Ky.)
  67. Walton Motel Building (Walton, Ky.)
  68. Walton Opera House (Walton, Ky.)
  69. Walton Opera House Building (Walton, Ky.)
  70. Walton Precinct (Boone County, Ky.)
  71. Walton Rand Rouse House (Walton, Ky.)
  72. Walton Tenant House (Boone County, Ky.)
  73. Walton United Methodist Church (Walton, Ky.)
  74. Walton United Methodist Church Building (Walton, Ky.)
  75. Walton Verona High School (Walton, Ky.)
  76. Walton-Verona Independent Schools (Walton, Ky.)
  77. Waltonian (Walton, Ky. : 1983)
  78. War memorials
  79. War of 1812
  80. Ward family
  81. Ware family
  82. Warneck family
  83. Warner family
  84. Warren Stephenson House (Walton, Ky.)
  85. Wars
  86. Warsaw (Ky.)
  87. Warsaw Academy (Warsaw, Ky.) USE Warsaw Male and Female College (Warsaw, Ky.)
  88. Warsaw Baptist Church (Warsaw, Ky.)
  89. Warsaw Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  90. Warsaw Christian Church (Warsaw, Ky.)
  91. Warsaw City Park (Warsaw, Ky.)
  92. Warsaw Furniture Factory (Warsaw, Ky.)
  93. Warsaw Herald (Warsaw, Ky. : 1844)
  94. Warsaw High School (Warsaw, Ky.)
  95. Warsaw I.O.O.F. Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.) USE Warsaw Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  96. Warsaw Independent (Warsaw, Ky. : 1880)
  97. Warsaw Male and Female College (Warsaw, Ky.)
  98. Warsaw Methodist Church (Warsaw, Ky.)
  99. Warsaw Odd Fellows Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.) USE Warsaw Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  100. Warsaw Opera House (Warsaw, Ky.)
  101. Warsaw Patriot (Warsaw, Ky. : 1837)
  102. Warsaw Record (Warsaw, Ky. : 1872)
  103. Warships
  104. Washburn family
  105. Washington (Ky.)
  106. Washington Baptist Church Cemetery (Mason, Ky.)
  107. Washington Cemetery (Maysville, Ky.) USE Saint Patrick’s Cemetery (Maysville, Ky.)
  108. Washington family
  109. Washington Missionary Baptist Church (Maysville, Ky.)
  110. Washington Opera House (Maysville, Ky.)
  111. Wasson family
  112. Waterloo (Ky.)
  113. Waterloo Holiness Church (Waterloo, Ky.)
  114. Waterloo Store Building (Waterloo, Ky.) USE William Kite Grocery Store Building (Waterloo, Ky.)
  115. Waters Cemetery (Gallatin County, Ky.)
  116. Waterways USE Rivers
  117. Watkins Cemetery (Kenton County, Ky.)
  118. Watkins Cemetery (Smithfield, Ky.)
  119. Watson Cemetery (Neave, Ky.)
  120. Watts Cemetery (Bullittsville, Ky.)
  121. Watts family
  122. Wayland Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  123. Wayland family
  124. Wayman Cemetery (Independence, Ky.)
  125. Wayman family
  126. Weaver Cemetery (Bladeston, Ky.)
  127. Weaver Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  128. Weaver Cemetery (Fleming County, Ky.)
  129. Weaver family
  130. Weaver House (Boone County, Ky.) USE E. Weaver House (Boone County, Ky.)
  131. Webb Cemetery (Bedford, Ky.)
  132. Webb Cemetery (Campbellsburg, Ky.)
  133. Webb Cemetery (Kenton County, Ky.)
  134. Webb Cemetery (Sulphur, Ky.)
  135. Webb family
  136. Webb Park (Williamstown, Ky.)
  137. Webb's Motel (Alexandria, Ky.)
  138. Webber Sausage Company (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  139. Weber family
  140. Webster Cemetery #1 (Carroll County, Ky.)
  141. Webster Cemetery #2 (Carroll County, Ky.)
  142. Webster Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  143. Webster Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  144. Webster Cemetery (Piner, Ky.)
  145. Webster family
  146. Webster House (Walton, Ky.)
  147. Wedonia Cemetery (Weedonia, Ky.)
  148. Weedonia (Ky.)
  149. Weinel Family Cemetery (Claryville, Ky.)
  150. Weisickle family
  151. Weisickle House (Petersburg, Ky.)
  152. Welch Cemetery (Trimble County, Ky.)
  153. Welch's Riverside Restaurant (Carrollton, Ky.)
  154. Weldon Grocery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  155. Wellman family
  156. Wells family
  157. Wells' Grocery (Carrollton, Ky.)
  158. Wells-Keith House (Augusta, Ky.)
  159. Wellsburg (Ky.)
  160. Wesley Chapel (Campbell County, Ky.)
  161. Wesley Chapel Cemetery (California, Ky.)
  162. Wesley Church Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  163. Wesley Rice House (Boone County, Ky.)
  164. Wesley Roberts House (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  165. Wessel's Millinery (Covington, Ky.)
  166. West Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  167. West Covington Public School (Covington, Ky.)
  168. West family
  169. Westerman family
  170. Westermeyer family
  171. Western Military Institute (Henry County, Ky.)
  172. Westside Elementary School (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  173. Westside Neighborhood (Covington, Ky.)
  174. Whalen Cemetery (Sunrise, Ky.)
  175. Whaley's Funeral Home (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  176. Wheatley (Ky.)
  177. Wheatley Cemetery (Wheatley, Ky.) USE Masonic Cemetery (Wheatley, Ky.)
  178. Wheatley High School (Wheatley, Ky.)
  179. Wheeler Cemetery (Bedford, Ky.)
  180. Wheeler Cemetery (Warsaw, Ky.)
  181. Wheeler Farm (Milton, Ky.)
  182. Wheeler Oil Company (Trimble County, Ky.)
  183. Whelan family
  184. Whitaker Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  185. Whitaker Cemetery Mound (Boone County, Ky.)
  186. Whitaker family
  187. Whitaker Farm Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.) USE Whitaker Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  188. White Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  189. White Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  190. White Cemetery (Ryland Heights, Ky.)
  191. White Chapel Cemetery (Jonesville, Ky.)
  192. White family
  193. White Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  194. White Hall (Ky.)
  195. White Hall (Petersburg, Ky.) USE L.A. Loder House (Petersburg, Ky.)
  196. White Hall Hotel (Maysville, Ky.)
  197. White Haven Academy (Union, Ky.)
  198. White Haven School (Unon, Ky.) USE White Haven Academy (Union, Ky.)
  199. White Horse Tavern (Restaurant : Park Hills, Ky.)
  200. White Oak Cemetery (Renaker, Ky.)
  201. White Oak School (Harrison County, Ky.)
  202. White Villa (Ky.)
  203. White's Run Baptist Church Cemetery (Easterday, Ky.)
  204. White's Tower Elementary School (Independence, Ky.)
  205. Whiteley Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  206. Whitfield (Ky.)
  207. Whitson family
  208. Whittenburg family
  209. Wiggington family
  210. Wigginton House (Ghent, Ky.)
  211. Wilber family
  212. Wild Goose Cafe (Owenton, Ky.)
  213. Wilder (Ky.)
  214. Wiley Cemetery (Wellsburg, Ky.)
  215. Wiley family
  216. Wilford Rice House (Walton, Ky.)
  217. Wilhoit Cemetery (Florence, Ky.)
  218. Wilhoite Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  219. Wilhoite family
  220. Wilkes family
  221. Wilkins Heights School (Elsmere, Ky.)
  222. Will Hind House (Walton, Ky.)
  223. Will Rice House (Burlington, Ky.)
  224. Will Scott Place (Florence, Ky.) USE Glassford-Scott House (Florence, Ky.)
  225. Willard Neal Farm Cemetery (Alexandria, Ky.)
  226. Willett Cemetery (Mount Carmel, Ky.)
  227. Willett-Power Cemetery (Maysville, Ky.)
  228. Willhite Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  229. William A. Rouse House (Hebron, Ky.)
  230. William A. Tanner House (Union, Ky.)
  231. William Allen House (Boone County, Ky.)
  232. William and Effie Brittenham House (Walton, Ky.)
  233. William Aylor Cemetery (Limaburg, Ky.)
  234. William B. Rogers House (Belleview, Ky.)
  235. William Brittenham House (Walton, Ky.) USE William and Effie Brittenham House (Walton, Ky.)
  236. William Butts Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.) USE Butts Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  237. William C. Tanner House (Florence, Ky.)
  238. William Cloud House (Boone County, Ky.)
  239. William Dixon Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  240. William E. Hudson House (Richwood, Ky.)
  241. William Glore House (Big Bone, Ky.) USE William Milburn Glore House (Big Bone, Ky.)
  242. William Grant High School (Covington, Ky.)
  243. William Grimsley House (East Bend, Ky.)
  244. William Hodges Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  245. William Huey House (Boone County, Ky.) USE Lewis Conner House (Boone County, Ky.)
  246. William J. O'Neal House (Rabbit Hash, Ky.)
  247. William Kite Grocery Store Building (Waterloo, Ky.)
  248. William Lindsey House (Owenton, Ky.)
  249. William Milburn Glore House (Big Bone, Ky.)
  250. William Richardson Cemetery (Taylor Mill, Ky.)