Kentucky Local History Thesaurus

  1. Beechwood Farm Cemetery (Crestview Hills, Ky.)
  2. Beeco Monuments Company (Cincinnati, Ohio)
  3. Beehive Augusta Tavern (Augusta, Ky.)
  4. Beemon Dairy Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  5. Beemon family
  6. Beers Cemetery (Gallatin County, Ky.)
  7. Beetem family
  8. Begley's Drug Store (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  9. Behringer Crawford Museum (Covington, Ky.)
  10. Behymer House (Walton, Ky.)
  11. Beil family
  12. Bel-Clair (Georgetown, Ky.) USE Leatherer-Lemon House (Georgetown, Ky.)
  13. Bell Cemetery (Bedford, Ky.)
  14. Bell Cemetery (Powersville, Ky.)
  15. Bell School (East Union, Ky.)
  16. Bellefontaine (Ohio)
  17. Belleview (Boone County, Ky.)
  18. Belleview Baptist Cemetery (Belleview, Ky.)
  19. Belleview Baptist Church (Belleview, Ky.)
  20. Belleview Baptist Church Building (Belleview, Ky.)
  21. Belleview Baptist Church Site (Belleview, Ky.)
  22. Belleview Bottoms (Boone County, Ky.) USE Belleview (Boone County, Ky.)
  23. Belleview Cemetery (Belleview, Ky.) USE Belleview Baptist Cemetery (Belleview, Ky.)
  24. Belleview Church of Christ (Belleview, Ky.)
  25. Belleview Church of Christ Building (Belleview, Ky.)
  26. Belleview Citizens Deposit Bank (Belleview, Ky.) USE Citizens Deposit Bank (Belleview, Ky.)
  27. Belleview Ferry (Belleview, Ky.)
  28. Belleview Grange No. 634 (Belleview, Ky.)
  29. Belleview Gravel (Boone County, Ky.)
  30. Belleview Post Office Building (Belleview, Ky.) USE Grant Post Office Building (Belleview, Ky.)
  31. Belleview School (Belleview, Ky.)
  32. Belleview School Building (Belleview, Ky.)
  33. Belleview Store Building (Belleview, Ky.)
  34. Bellevue (Ky.)
  35. Bellevue Precinct (Boone County, Ky.)
  36. Bellevue Precinct (Campbell County, Ky.)
  37. Belmont (Bullitt County, Ky.)
  38. Belmont Church Cemetery (Bracken County, Ky.)
  39. Belmont Rural Station (Bullitt County, Ky.) USE Belmont (Bullitt County, Ky.)
  40. Ben Moran House (Moransburg, Ky.)
  41. Benjamin Clore House (Boone County, Ky.)
  42. Benjamin D. Beall House (Alexandria, Ky.)
  43. Benjamin F. Turley House (Sparta, Ky.)
  44. Benjamin Gaines Tenant House (Boone County, Ky.)
  45. Benjamin Gosney Cemetery (Grants Lick, Ky.) USE Bud Brown Farm Cemetery (Grants Lick, Ky.)
  46. Benjamin Hancock Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  47. Benjamin Piatt Fowler House (Union, Ky.)
  48. Benjamin R. Gaines House (Burlington, Ky.)
  49. Benjamin Rice House (Boone County, Ky.)
  50. Benjy Kinman Lake (Lockport, Ky.)
  51. Bennett Cemetery (Grant County, Ky.)
  52. Bennett Cemetery (Knoxville, Ky.)
  53. Bennington family
  54. Benson family
  55. Benson Methodist Church (Berry, Ky.)
  56. Benson Methodist Church Cemetery (Kelat, Ky.)
  57. Benson-Nicholson House (Burlington, Ky.)
  58. Bentley House (Ludlow, Ky.)
  59. Berea Christian Church (Pleasureville, Ky.)
  60. Beringer Drug Center (Warsaw, Ky.)
  61. Berkshire (Ky.)
  62. Berkshire family
  63. Berkshire Hotel (Petersburg, Ky.)
  64. Berkshire House (Boone County, Ky.)
  65. Berkshire House (Florence, Ky.) USE Clinton Blankenbeker House (Florence, Ky.)
  66. Berkshire's Store Building (Petersburg, Ky.) USE Odd Fellows Hall (Petersburg, Ky.)
  67. Berlin (Ky.)
  68. Berlin Baptist Church (Berlin, Ky.)
  69. Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest (Ky.)
  70. Berning-Jordan Bridge (Newport, Ky.)
  71. Berry (Ky.)
  72. Berry Cemetery (Biddle, Ky.)
  73. Berry Christian Church (Berry, Ky.)
  74. Berry Creek (Henry County, Ky. : River)
  75. Berry Elementary School (Berry, Ky.)
  76. Berry family
  77. Berry High School (Berry, Ky.)
  78. Berry Hotel (Milton, Ky.)
  79. Berry Johnson House (Walton, Ky.)
  80. Berryman Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  81. Bersot Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  82. Bersot School (Carroll County, Ky.)
  83. Bertram’s Drug Company (Brooksville, Ky.)
  84. Bethal Methodist Cemetery (Trimble County, Ky.)
  85. Bethany Baptist Church (Williamstown, Ky.)
  86. Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery (Holbrook, Ky.)
  87. Bethany Christian Church Cemetery (Beechwood, Ky.)
  88. Bethany Church Cemetery (Springdale, Ky.)
  89. Bethany Church of Christ (Maysville, Ky.)
  90. Bethany Evangelical Lutheran (Erlanger, Ky.)
  91. Bethel Baptist Church (Crescent Springs, Ky.)
  92. Bethel Baptist Church (Maysville, Ky.)
  93. Bethel Baptist Church (Union, Ky.)
  94. Bethel Baptist Church Building (Union, Ky.)
  95. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (New Liberty, Ky.)
  96. Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (Union, Ky.)
  97. Bethel Baptist Church Site (Union, Ky.)
  98. Bethel Cemetery (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  99. Bethel Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  100. Bethel Cemetery (Sherburne, Ky.)
  101. Bethel School (Scott County, Ky.)
  102. Bethel School (Trimble County, Ky.)
  103. Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery (Mays Lick, Ky.) USE Bethel Cemetery (Mays Lick, Ky.)
  104. Bethesda Cemetery (Brooksville, Ky.)
  105. Bethesda Presbyterian Church (Muddy Ford, Ky.)
  106. Bethlehem (Ky.)
  107. Bethlehem United Methodist Church (Bethlehem, Ky.)
  108. Bevarly Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  109. Beverly Hills Supper Club (Southgate, Ky.)
  110. Beverly Hills Supper Club fire, 1977
  111. Bi County Coop Building (Devon, Ky.)
  112. Biancke’s Restaurant (Cynthiana, Ky.)
  113. Bible Baptist Church (Sadieville, Ky.)
  114. Bible Methodist Church (Burlington, Ky.) USE Burlington Bible Church (Burlington, Ky.)
  115. Bickers family
  116. Biddle (Ky.)
  117. Biddle-Cummins Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  118. Biehn Cemetery (Falmouth, Ky.)
  119. Bierbower House (Maysville, Ky.)
  120. Big Bend (Campbell County, Ky.)
  121. Big Bone (Ky.)
  122. Big Bone Baptist Church (Boone County, Ky.)
  123. Big Bone Baptist Church Building (Boone County, Ky.)
  124. Big Bone Baptist Church Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  125. Big Bone Baptist Church Site (Boone County, Ky.)
  126. Big Bone Creek (Boone County, Ky. : River)
  127. Big Bone Grange No. 488 (Big Bone, Ky.)
  128. Big Bone Hotel (Big Bone, Ky.)
  129. Big Bone Island (Ky.)
  130. Big Bone Landing (Ky.)
  131. Big Bone Lick (Ky.) USE Big Bone (Ky.)
  132. Big Bone Lick Historical Association (Ky.)
  133. Big Bone Lick State Historic Site (Ky.)
  134. Big Bone Lick State Park (Ky.) USE Big Bone Lick State Historic Site (Ky.)
  135. Big Bone Methodist Church (Big Bone, Ky.)
  136. Big Bone Methodist Church Building (Big Bone, Ky.)
  137. Big Bone Region (Boone County, Ky.)
  138. Big Bone Salt Springs (Boone County, Ky.)
  139. Big Bone School Building (Boone County, Ky.)
  140. Big Bone Springs Mineral Water Company (Big Bone, Ky.)
  141. Big Branch (Nicholas County, Ky. : River)
  142. Big Eagle Bridge School (Scott County, Ky.)
  143. Big Gunpowder Creek (Boone County, Ky. : River) USE Gunpowder Creek (Boone County, Ky. : River)
  144. Big Henry Restaurant (Eminence, Ky.)
  145. Big Mac Bridge (Cincinnati, Ohio, and Newport, Ky.) USE Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (Cincinnati, Ohio, and Newport, Ky.)
  146. Big Run Cemetery (Wallingford, Ky.)
  147. Biggs family
  148. Bill Cotton House (Boone County, Ky.)
  149. Bill Kraus House (Walton, Ky.)
  150. Billy F. Williams House (New Zion, Ky.)
  151. Bird Cemetery (Independence, Ky.)
  152. Bird Dog's Coffee (Owenton, Ky.)
  153. Birney family
  154. Bishop Brossart High School (Alexandria, Ky.)
  155. Bishop Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  156. Bishop family
  157. Bishop House (Falmouth, Ky.)
  158. Bishops Branch (Henry County, Ky. : River)
  159. Bitter family
  160. Black Cemetery (Big Bone, Ky.)
  161. Black family
  162. Black's Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  163. Blackaby Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  164. Blackaby family
  165. Blackburn Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  166. Blackburn family
  167. Blackerby Cemetery (Bracken County, Ky.)
  168. Blackmore Cemetery (Carroll County, Ky.)
  169. Blades Cemetery (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  170. Bladeston (Ky.)
  171. Bladeston School (Bracken County, Ky.)
  172. Blair family
  173. Blakely family
  174. Blaker family
  175. Blanchett (Ky.)
  176. Blankenbaker family
  177. Blankenbeker Cemetery (Boone County, Ky.)
  178. Blankenbeker House (Boone County, Ky.)
  179. Blankenbeker-Riley Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  180. Blanket Creek (Pendleton County, Ky. : River)
  181. Blanton family
  182. Blau family
  183. Blau's Four Mile House (Camp Springs, Ky.)
  184. Bledsoe Cemetery (Ghent, Ky.)
  185. Bledsoe-Jacobs Cemetery (Gallatin County, Ky.) USE Robinson Cemetery (Gallatin County, Ky.)
  186. Blenke family
  187. Blessed Sacrament School (Fort Mitchell, Ky.)
  188. Blessing Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  189. Blinkers Tavern (Restaurant : Covington, Ky.)
  190. Bloody Run (Pendleton County, Ky. : River)
  191. Bloom family
  192. Blue Bell School (Hillsboro, Ky.)
  193. Blue Gables Court Motel (Carrollton, Ky.)
  194. Blue Lick Springs Hotel (Sanders, Ky.)
  195. Blue Ribbon Distillery (Eminence, Ky.) USE Eminence Distillery Company (Eminence, Ky.)
  196. Blue Spring Branch (Scott County, Ky. : River)
  197. Blue Spring Church Cemetery (Great Crossing, Ky.)
  198. Blue Spring Presbyterian Church (Scott County, Ky.)
  199. Blue Star Tavern (Restaurant : Park Hills, Ky.)
  200. Bluebank (Ky.)
  201. Bluebank Branch (Fleming County, Ky. : River)
  202. Bluegrass Baptist Church (Georgetown, Ky.)
  203. Blume Cemetery (Edgewood, Ky.)
  204. Blythe family
  205. Boardman Family Cemetery (Carlisle, Ky.)
  206. Boatright family
  207. Boats and boating
  208. Boaz family
  209. Bob Conrad House (Walton, Ky.)
  210. Bockweg family
  211. Bodie family
  212. Boggess family
  213. Boh family
  214. Boh Mound (Boone County, Ky.)
  215. Bohart family
  216. Boitman Brothers German Band (Musical group)
  217. Bokelo family
  218. Bold House (Foster, Ky.)
  219. Boling Branch (Henry County, Ky. : River)
  220. Bollinger’s Clothing (Maysville, Ky.)
  221. Bonar Cemetery #1 (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  222. Bonar Cemetery #2 (Pendleton County, Ky.)
  223. Bonar Farm (Boone County, Ky.)
  224. Bond Cemetery (Owen County, Ky.)
  225. Bond Cemetery (Stamping Ground, Ky.)
  226. Bond Farm Cemetery (Sparta, Ky.)
  227. Bondurant Cemetery (Henry County, Ky.)
  228. Bondurant family
  229. Bonnie Leslie Historic District (Bellevue, Ky.)
  230. Bonta Cemetery (Pleasureville, Ky.) USE Banta Cemetery (Pleasureville, Ky.)
  231. Boone Academy (Burlington, Ky.) USE Morgan Academy (Burlington, Ky.)
  232. Boone Cemetery (Rutland, Ky.)
  233. Boone Cliffs Nature Preserve (Ky.)
  234. Boone County (Ky.). Attorney
  235. Boone County (Ky.). Board of Education
  236. Boone County (Ky.). Circuit Court USE Kentucky. Circuit Court (Boone County)
  237. Boone County (Ky.). Clerk's Office
  238. Boone County (Ky.). Coroner
  239. Boone County (Ky.). Fiscal Court
  240. Boone County (Ky.). Jailer
  241. Boone County (Ky.). Judge/Executive's Office
  242. Boone County (Ky.). Justice of the Peace
  243. Boone County (Ky.). Sheriff's Office
  244. Boone County 4-H and Utopia Fair (Boone County, Ky.)
  245. Boone County 4-H Fair (Boone County, Ky.)
  246. Boone County Aero Club (Boone County, Ky.)
  247. Boone County Airlines, Inc.
  248. Boone County Animal Care & Control (Ky.)
  249. Boone County Animal Shelter (Burlington, Ky.)
  250. Boone County Arboretum (Boone County, Ky.)